America’s Crazy, Wild and Deadly Vaccination Experiment

Richard Gale, Gary Null, PhD

Progressive Radio Network, September 25, 2019

September 20th may be recognized as a day when  the 16 year old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg led the world’s youth to protest en masse against the failures of our governments to tackle the existential threats from climate change.  Now tens of millions of youth globally are not only speaking out against those in power but also challenging them.

A few days earlier, Greta confronted and provoked the US Congress to listen to the climate scientists. On the 23rd, addressing the United Nations she released her outrage towards the world’s leaders and adults who have been complicit in robbing the younger generations of their innocence and future.

Aside from its frequent hubris, platitudes and indifference towards meaningful climate policies, for its part the New York Times provided in depth coverage and analysis of Greta’s American visit. However, shame on the Times for recently ignoring completely the medical science that confirms vaccines are likewise robbing many of our youth’s future. Over the years, on too many topics to list, the Times has become a new media face for 21st century fascism. It has increasingly become a soulless, ideologically driven mouthpiece for the corporate elite, notably the pharmaceutical industry. 

On the one hand the newspaper celebrates the marching of youth against global warming; with the other hand it mocks and disparages the hundreds of thousands of parents with children injured or killed by vaccines. And yet all of these parents were once willing supplicants and true believers in vaccines’ benefits.  The fact they submitted their infants and toddlers to the care of their pediatricians is enough evidence to state these parents were all pro-vaccination advocates. By doing so, they innocently and likely unintentionally turned their trust over to the CDC and private vaccine makers with a false belief that these biologically active drugs were effective and safe.  Only afterwards, with neurologically and permanently damaged children or an unexpected funeral bill, did they regret their faith in a system that values profit higher than health.  Over the years, we have gotten to know many of these parents. To understand the horrible ordeals they undergo with children who may never be normal again, they have educated themselves about vaccines far better than any pediatrician we have interviewed.  If you want to win a sure bet, place your money on any of these moms in a debate with the vaccine industry’s leading pundit Dr Paul Offit.

While preparing this article, we have had conversations and email exchanges with legal experts in international declarations that condemn medical experimentation without an individual’s consent and Constitutional law.  One is with Danny Sheehan, arguably one of America’s finest and most ethical Constitutional attorneys. It was Danny’s insights that led to the New York Times’ upper management  to publish the Pentagon Papers.  But today, Danny, like ourselves, is deeply disappointed in the rapid degeneration of American journalism, notably the New York Times.

Over the years we have written approximately fifty articles, with full citation of scientific studies, to expose the myths, facade and misinformation being disseminated by our federal health agencies and the vaccine industrial complex. It would take any journalist only a couple days to undertake a sufficient amount of in-depth research to discover the prima facie evidence that the CDC is a serial liar and has been actively engaged in obstruction of justice, perjury before Congress and massive cover ups to conceal the dangers of specific vaccines and vaccine ingredients and their contribution epidemic of injuries being inflicted upon America’s infants, children and youth.  The same can be said for the FDA, the Department of Health and Human Services and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Each aligns itself with vaccine policies that favor corporate financial interests at the expense of public health. During those couple of days of research, journalists would find dozens of board-certified physicians who have spent individually thousands of hours delving into the more scientifically arcane literature in peer-reviewed journals to uncover a litany of scientific reasons to challenge our vaccine policies and the CDC’s childhood vaccination schedule. However, to do so, mainstream journalists would be turning against their handlers, the doctors-for-hire, corporate advertisers and drug lobbyists who have captured the Times and almost every other major newspapers and media network to circulate deceitful narratives that vaccines are effective and safe.  Their message, therefore, is for every child and adult to bow in obeisance to the needle. 

At this moment, a concerted effort is underway across the US to introduce legislature that will mandate vaccines for all children before attending school, and now in California for adults as well. Constitutional religious and philosophical rights for vaccine exemption are being rescinded. In the case of California, even pediatricians’ expertise and knowledge of their patients are being questioned in order reduce medical exemptions. Senator Richard Pan’s and California law professor Dorit Reiss’ vision is to create an overarching medical police network run by bureaucrats to enforce vaccination and be the final decision makers on whether a child can be medically exempt or not. In effect, the private physician-patient or pediatrician-child relationship would be obsolete with respect to vaccination laws.

The question before us is whether or not vaccine mandates and abolishing religious and philosophical exemptions are Constitutional and in violation of international declarations that protect citizens from medical experimentation that places them at risk of serious injury and death. 

Law professor Mary Holland, speaking before the United Nations about the protection of human rights from “the grave dangers of involuntary scientific and medical experimentation on human subjects,” presented her legal case that “vaccines must be recommended and not coerced” by governing bodies of authority. “Compulsion on its face,” Holland stated, “undermines the fundamental rights to life, liberty and bodily integrity of informed consent, privacy and parental decision-making.”  She invoked Dr. Leo Alexander’s warning during the Nuremberg Doctor Trials, which tried 23 Nazi physicians on criminal counts for murdering, injuring and torturing non-consenting Jews and other victims under the auspices of medical experimentation. Dr. Alexander warned that it is from small beginnings that the values of an entire society may be subverted.  Injuries and deaths of innocents were collateral damage for the Reich’s imperial aims. The medical experiments conducted by the Nazis should continue to serve as a harsh lesson and an admonition to government health institutions and policy makers about the potential evils medicine can inflict upon society when medical authorities become divorced from a moral base and serve a totalitarian regime rather than the public good.

In his opening remarks at the start of Nuremberg Doctor hearings, General Telford Taylor who presided over the trials stated “I do not think the German people have as yet any conception of how deeply the criminal folly that was Nazism bit into every phase of German life, or of how utterly ravaging the consequences were. It will be our task to make these things clear.”  Today one could replace German people for Americans and point fingers of criminal folly at California Senator Pan, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, our entire federal health establishment and vaccine makers such as Merck for violating ethical principles established at Nuremberg. General Taylor went on to state that “a nation which deliberately infects itself with poison will inevitably sicken and die.”

The conclusions of the Nuremberg Tribunal unequivocally states that “voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential” and individuals should “be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress or other ulterior forms of constraint or coercion.”  Moreover, people must be provided with “sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable them to make an understanding and enlightened decision.”(Nuremberg Tribunal 1949, pp 181)

Based upon the wording of the Tribunal’s medical ethics, and the subsequent Helsinki Declaration, our federal health agencies and state legislatures that are now ramming through draconian vaccine mandates, can technically be accused of similar but lesser crimes.  Unfortunately, such international accords and declarations are not legally binding. Following a conversation with Kevin Barry, a former federal civil law attorney who is launching a State Constitutional legal challenge against the state of New York to repeal the stripping away of residents’ right to vaccine religious exemption, noted that such declarations serve as guidelines and anyone can file human rights violations citing the UN’s Universal Declaration for Bio Ethics and Human Rights. However, this is a tricky slope. Constitutional attorney and founder of the Rutherford Institute, John Whitehead, told us that “the US Constitution cannot be overridden by international law.” Such laws are only binding if ratified in treaty and are superior to state laws — however “not equivalent to the US Constitution” — and the US has never ratified any of these international declarations that can have an impact upon the human rights violations charged in coercive vaccine mandates.  If international laws are to have any affect,” Whitehead continues, it would be “on state and local laws since that is where the vaccination requirements would be imposed.”

The edifice upon which our modern vaccination regime is built relies on the hypothesis of herd immunity. Absent a belief in the plausibility of herd immunity, there is no scientifically sound basis whatsoever for enforcing vaccination mandates. Ultimately, it is a dishonest marketing stunt of garbage in, garbage out. Theoretically, scientists who have faith in herd immunity argue that 95% of the population must be vaccinated in order to protect the smaller percentage who are not immunized and to eventually eradicate an infectious disease. But for this theory to have any viability, vaccines must be perfectly effective and provide long-term immunity. None are.

Since the recent measles outbreaks have been the primary engine behind state governments’ vaccine hysteria, we can take the MMR vaccine as an example that should put the credibility of herd immunity to rest. For the measles vaccine, according to a CDC study, the population at any given time can have less than 70% immunity. This is despite the fact that MMR compliance in the US has reached 98%. One of the most damning incidences of measles outbreaks took place at Boston University a month after a campus blood drive. As a result, health officials had access to a large selection of blood samples of students both infected and measles-free. Laboratory analysis found that eight out of nine students with full blown measles had been vaccinated.

We may also take a look at China, which is believed to have the highest vaccination compliance rate in the world. The measles vaccine is mandatory on the Chinese mainland. So, why were there over 700 measles outbreaks in a three-year period between 2009 and 2012? Obviously, the vaccine is not effective.

Another medical discovery that debunks the herd immunity theory behind the MMR is that live virus vaccines shed; this means that a vaccine’s viral component can be transmitted and infect persons that a vaccinated person comes in contact with.  The best documented case occurred in New York City in 2011 when an adult woman received two MMR shots and subsequently infected four others in her workplace. Two of those infected were immunized with two MMR doses. All patients involved in this incident were confirmed by laboratory testing that the outbreak was due to a failure in the MMR vaccine. It was the vaccine that infected others.

If a vaccinated person can infect others then this destroys the argument behind vaccination mandates that raises fear to a myth that an unvaccinated child is a danger to everyone, especially to children and the elderly who are immuno-compromised with serious illnesses such as cancer or an autoimmune disease.  This is a lie.  Attorney Kevin Barry calls this propaganda strategy “effective brainwashing.” The facts are quite the opposite given the live MMR cases mentioned above. Rather it is the vaccinated person who poses the real threat to an immuno-compromised person. 

Finally, aside from these contradictory findings that discredit herd immunity, measles outbreaks are financial boons for drug makers. Following the Disneyland outbreak, Bloomberg Business News reported that Merck’s quarterly MMR sales increased by 24 percent, proving that fearmongering is also equally profitable.

If the herd immunity rationale for mandating vaccines is a fallacy, then are the nation’s vaccination policies, requirements and regimens actually an unfounded medical experiment being forced upon children and adults?

Health officials make every effort to convince us that the debate over vaccine safety is settled. It is as if we are told that the medical establishment already knows everything  necessary about vaccines’ effects on the human organism. Therefore, it is irrational to believe that vaccination can be perceived as an ongoing experiment being waged upon infants, children and adults alike. However, the science is far from settled. There are gaping holes in all of the government’s arguments. There are many reasons on scientific and methodological grounds to conclude medicine knows far less about vaccine efficacy and safety than it believes, and the current vaccination schedule is in fact a massive experiment legislatively enforced upon the nation’s population. Large swathes of clinical and laboratory research identifying the mechanisms by which vaccines cause injury and death are cast aside and more often categorically denied.  States now mandating vaccinations, and in the case of California rewriting medical exemption definitions to put the decision-making in the hands of bureaucrats, are acting in direct violation of every precautionary principle. And the fact remains that vaccines have not been tested properly to establish any conclusion for their safety. Worse, vaccination policies are being adopted on a sloppy and unfounded one-size-fits-all model contrary to the principles of “precision medicine.”

Dr. Alvin Moss is a section chief in the Department of Medicine at a large state university. He has also been a practicing physician for over four decades and is a critic of our current federal vaccination policies and the vaccine misinformation being disseminated by the CDC.  He has generated a list of the 20 most worrisome failures in the current vaccines on the market. Among some of the more disquieting failures that reinforce our argument that mass vaccination is a medical experiment associated with a high toll of casualties:  

1)   Aside from the human papillomavirus vaccine Gardasil, no other vaccine has been tested under proper inert placebo-controlled studies. Every vaccine is categorically a pharmaceutical drug; however, unlike common over the counter and prescription medications, vaccines have not been tested against an inert placebo such as a saline solution. In the absence of such safety, it is virtually impossible to make any scientific conclusion about what vaccines’ real adverse reaction rate is

During a recent radio broadcast, Dr Moss reviewed the trial data of a new MMR vaccine developed by Glaxo. Glaxo is now seeking its approval for the US market to complete with Merck’s MMR monopoly.  The company’s human trial only compared one vaccinated group against another vaccinated group. As with all vaccine trials, volunteers are duly screened in order to enroll only the healthiest participants. Persons with even mild but chronic health conditions are immediately excluded. Dr. Moss noted that ten percent of these healthy children in both groups had to be rushed to the emergency room for adverse events. Over three percent developed chronic disorders including autoimmune diseases, asthma, type 1 diabetes, vasculitis, celiac disease, thrombocytopenia, and allergies.  Earlier Gardasil trials were more frightening.  Seventeen of the girls enrolled in the Garadsil trial died (10 from the actual vaccine and seven in the pseudo-placebo control that contained all the vaccine’s ingredients minus the HPV virus). The vaccine was fast tracked regardless of this tragic trial and the FDA claims Gardasil  was not a causative agent for these girls’ deaths.

For every pharmaceutical drug the FDA approves, there must be a double-blind placebo-controlled study. So why are vaccines unofficially exempt from this basic requirement that has been at the bedrock of all evidence-based medicine during the history of modern medicine? In the absence of the drug makers conducting proper vaccine safety clinical trials, the CDC continues its charade to endorse vaccines as completely safe. And bought-off state legislatures are parroting the CDC’s deceptions.

2)  According to the CDC’s 2019 Vaccine Excipient and Media Summary report of vaccine ingredients, 23 of the approved vaccines currently on the US market contain an aluminum compound (e.g., aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate or amorphous aluminum hydroxoyphosphate sulfate). It is the most common adjuvant used to boost and prolong the body’s immune reaction following a vaccination. Aluminum is well-known to be a highly toxic metal to all forms of life and neurotoxic to animals and humans. The metal has been repeatedly proven in the laboratory to trigger immuno-inflammatory and oxidative cascades with serious detrimental effects. It has also been shown to act as an endocrine disruptor and can depress cellular metabolic processes. No clinical trials on subcutaneous or intramuscular injection of aluminum has been performed to determine toxic risks for injecting the same into infants and children.

In more recent years nano-aluminum is being used. Although aluminum injected as a nanoparticle has been poorly studied, studies so far are not promising because they can cross the blood-brain barrier and cause brain inflammation.

3)  Safety levels for vaccine ingredients are set for adults. Levels for children, and particularly infants or an unborn fetus don’t exist. Therefore, vaccine administration does not conform to the principles of precision medicine. Vaccine ingredients are administered as a one-size-fits-all model regardless whether it is a 1-year old infant or an obese 65 year old senior citizen. An infant receives the same level of aluminum as does an adult. Infants under the age of 2 years only have 20 percent of their kidney function and therefore far less ability to expel toxic chemicals such as aluminum and mercury.

4)  Aside from the influenza shot, children receive 23 required vaccinations before their first 16 months of life. No safety studies have been conducted to determine the overall safety record of the entire vaccine schedule. In the meantime, more vaccines are going to be added to the vaccination schedule as there are now almost 300 new vaccines in the drug industry’s pipeline.

5)  The CDC refuses to fund or conduct vaccinated versus unvaccinated studies to determine the quality of health and rate of infectious disease susceptibility between these two populations.

6)  There is a growing body of medical literature identifying preexisting susceptibilities that people may have that increase the likelihood of serious vaccine adverse effects. No government funding is being awarded to further identify these preexisting conditions. Nor are doctors educated about such conditions. For example, genetic pathway mechanisms and single nucleotide polymorphisms (mutations) have been identified that increase the changes for adverse drug and vaccine reactions. Persons carrying the MTHFR mutation are unable to synthesize glutathione efficiently. Therefore, vaccine toxic ingredients such as adjuvant aluminum compounds, mercury, formaldehyde, etc. are less detoxified and excreted from the body.  The European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance has noted that most autistic children have this genetic anomaly.

7)  Based upon the CDC’s passive adverse reaction reporting system, which is voluntary and passive, and with possibly only 1 percent of adverse events being reported (federally funded Harvard study in 2010), it is impossible to determine vaccine benefits versus risks for making any accurate public health policy decision.

8)  Vaccines are not tested for carcinogenicity, mutagenicity (i.e., a chemical’s ability to damage DNA or cause a genetic mutation) or vaccines’ effects on fertility.

9)  Federal health propaganda to deny vaccinations as a causative factor for the rise in severe neurological disorders in children, including autism, are solely based upon observational retrospective studies. Such studies categorically fail to meet any gold standard and are often criticized for being overly vulnerable to researcher bias and the use of confounding variables to intentionally skew results. Every major study cited by pro-vaccine advocates to argue against an autism-vaccine relationship is an observational or cohort study.

10) There are no gold standard safety studies for any vaccine or vaccine ingredient administered to pregnant women. Nevertheless, the CDC recommends these vaccines to pregnant women.

This list can be greatly expanded upon. Nevertheless, it provides an overview to substantiate charges against our federal health agencies for gross negligence to properly review vaccine submissions for regulatory approval. It also clearly reveals the current state of accepted vaccine science as an enormous medical experiment. If so, then compulsory vaccination can theoretically be understood as an international crime in direct violation of the Nuremberg Code, the Helsinki Declaration and other international laws.

Sadly, there may be no effective remedy.  And there is absolutely no indication that our federal agencies have any intention to correct this situation. Physicians are direly uneducated about adverse vaccine risks. They are not required to conduct examinations or prescribe tests to determine whether a child is at a higher risk for vaccine injury, although certain biomarkers are known and well founded in the peer-reviewed literature. Since physicians are grossly misinformed due to CDC orchestrated propaganda, parents and patients likewise cannot be consulted accurately about potential vaccine risks. Moreover, very few physicians have been properly instructed on reporting injuries. Consequently, the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) is horribly under-represented. The CDC admits that only about 10% of vaccine injuries are actually reported; and a government-funded Harvard study concluded that only 1-2% are accounted for.

This is perhaps one of the easiest problems to solve: instruct all physicians, clinics and hospitals on the use of VAERS and make the reporting of all vaccine adverse effects mandatory. However, the CDC intentionally, and very likely with malice of forethought to protect its financial interests with the pharmaceutical industry, has made no effort to make the actual national vaccine injury and death statistics available to the public.  If it were to do so, the public would more readily come to the realization about our health agencies’ vaccination lies. 

Finally, we should weigh on the relevance of another one of General Taylor’s observations: “it is a fundamental and inescapable obligation of every physician under any known system of law not to perform a dangerous experiment without the subject’s consent. In the tyranny that was Nazi Germany, no one could give such a consent to the medical agents of the State; everyone lived in fear and acted under duress.”  As we write, our health officials, state legislators who support mandatory vaccination and our entire corporate mainstream media are complicit in generating unwarranted fear in the public and even medical clinicians who remain ignorant about the scientific literature and simply receive their marching orders from the CDC and the professional medical associations who speak on behalf of the pharmaceutical giants. Despite the Nazis’ abhorrent medical experiments, did they perhaps display more empathy towards animals than our media shows towards the parents of vaccine-damaged children? General Taylor noted that “the Nazis themselves passed [a law] on the 24th of November 1933 for the protection of animals. This law states explicitly that it is designed to prevent cruelty and indifference of man towards animals and to awaken and develop sympathy and understanding for animals as one of the highest moral values of a people.” He continued by saying that “the law states further that all operations or treatments which are associated with pain or injury, especially experiments involving the use of cold, heat, or infection, are prohibited.” In essence, Nazi doctors valued animals over the lives of humans.

Nuremberg is a dark reminder of a heinous period in the history medicine and criminal medical experimentation. We must now each ask ourselves whether the removal of “informed consent” in recent state vaccine mandate that may eventually lead to much larger crimes against humanity on the behest of corporate interests and the pleasures of the ruling elite? In an exchange with attorney Scott Tips, president of the Health Freedom Federation and a civil rights expert on the Codex Alimentarius Commission — an international organization overseen by the World Health Organization and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization to set global and government standards for food safety, food contaminants, pesticides, vitamins, etc — he wrote, “Mandatory vaccine laws are not only unlawful and immoral but by their very nature they violate international laws that were carefully put in place after the Second World War to prevent the gross excesses of that time.” But even before then, Tips shares a little unknown fact. As early as 1891, a Prussian Minister issued a directive to all prisons that tuberculin for the treatment of tuberculosis “must in no case be used against the patient’s will.”  And this decree was made for prisoners no less!!! Now our health officials and paid off politicians, notably in California and New York, want to deny the same rights to infants, children, parents and eventually the elderly. 

What would General Taylor say today if he were to witness how our nation is deliberately infecting itself with the poisons in vaccines?

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