Vaccination, the Ultimate Junk Science

Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD

Progressive Radio Network, January 23, 2020

For over a decade the debate over compulsory vaccination, especially for children and more recently for adults, has centered on a single premise. World leading vaccine experts, including those at the CDC, our universities and international organizations such as the World Health Organization, are unanimous that there is no longer any controversy over vaccines’ safety and effectiveness. All vaccines, we are told, have been proven safe, either individually or in combination, and this has been thoroughly researched in clinical trials.  This absolutism within the medical and pharmacological communities, including the American Pediatric Association, also argues that they are the sole experts.  Because they have found no reason to question the virtues of vaccination, neither should the public and media. Therefore, the debate is closed. If all risks and injuries are denied outright, then there can be no discussion. 

Consequently, a covert national campaign has been underway for many years to discredit and attack anyone, irrespective of their credentials and professional background, who question or challenge this ideological dogma. To do so is to be targeted as a threat to public health and even a criminal.

Dr. Mateja Cernic, a lecturer at the School of Advanced Social Studies in Slovenia , writes in her book Ideological Constructs of Vaccination that “unjustified hatred is fueled by state and medical institutions and their spokespersons, with the enthusiastic help from the media.”

Historically, common infectious illnesses such as chickenpox, measles and mumps, which were regarded more as nuisance rather than as a national health emergency, have been intentionally reframed as deadly diseases. The only reliable course of action, therefore, is to reach full compliance with the vaccination schedule.  But missing from this argument is the fact that the large majority of people who reject this propaganda were originally pro-vaccination. They willingly had their infants and children vaccinated in the innocent faith that the medical system was honest and held their children in its best interests rather than a mere source for profit.  The increase in autism, starting in the mid-1980s, was largely believed to be genetic — and this myth continues despite the serious biological gaps to prove that such a correlation is scientifically sound. Despite all the CDC’s claims, the Institute of Medicine released a report in 2013 stating that the CDC’s childhood vaccine schedule has never been studied for safety. As far back as 1991, IOM has persistently urged the Department of Health and Human Services to conduct such studies.

What we did not know until more recently is that during those intervening years, the drug companies that were most invested in the vaccine business such as Merck and Glaxo, supported or funded campaigns and astroturf groups to destroy the reputations of physicians, scientists, journalists and parent activists who made efforts to probe more deeply into the medical literature. It has largely been the citizen activist, and the rare doctor or scientist, who have gathered all the pieces of the puzzle together in order to confirm that vaccines are far more dangerous than the hype the federal health agencies and professional medical associations would have us believe.

In the wake of rising vaccine-related injuries and deaths, more and more voices are coming forth to awaken the public about the lies and deceit in the vaccine industrial complex. Websites devoted to vaccine injuries, accompanied by scientific validation, are increasing. Barbara Loe Fisher at the National Vaccination Information Center, attorneys Robert Kennedy Jr and Mary Holland at Children’s Health Defense, Drs Brian Hooker, Sherry Tenpenny, Theresa Deisher and Suzanne Humphries are adding a new dimension to the debates because they have taken the time to study carefully the actual scientific literature.  And each has arrived at a similar conclusion:  There is absolutely no gold standard to support vaccine effectiveness and safety that has ever been conducted and published. This is a simple truth yet a hard pill to swallow for those who naively believe the propaganda spewed forth from the media.

During the past several years, we have witnessed a nationwide effort across state legislatures to mandate the CDC’s vaccination schedule as well as vaccines that remain only recommended such as Merck’s Garadsil vaccine for HPV. This may eventually include any of the 250-plus new vaccines currently in the pipeline. Such a massive undertaking, which requires “buying” politicians through the pharmaceutical industry’s lobbying channels, such as the powerful Pharmaceutical  Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), would not be so thorough and aggressive unless there was an assurance that a viable economic market is in place for it. In effect, the federal health agencies, notably the CDC and HHS, in collaboration with legislative associations such as the American Council of State Legislatures and the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, are clearing the playing field of constitutional barriers and restraints that protect the freedom of an individual’s and parents’ health choice. Vaccine makers have already succeeded in destroying many regulatory hurdles that otherwise guarantee rigorous scientific oversight of vaccines’ safety and effectiveness before licensure. Such organizations work in collaboration with the CDC-supported pro-vaccine industry front organizations such the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) and its National Network of Immunization Coalitions. The IAC is represented by a literal who’s-who of vaccine extremists such Drs. Paul Offit, Walter Orenstein, Gregory Poland, and the “godfather of modern vaccines” Stanley Plotkin.

What the public hears from our federal and state health officials, and parroted by the mainstream media networks, is the propaganda of fake science. Repeatedly we are told that vaccines are safe and effective, that unvaccinated individuals pose a public health risk, that parents who don’t vaccinate their children are irresponsible and threaten the health of others, and that there is no association whatsoever between vaccines and autism. However, as we have reported consistently during the past decade and what is becoming increasingly clear is that public pronouncements contradict what these same medical experts and health officials say privately behind close-door meetings and conferences.

The pharmaceutical industry and the CDC are perfectly aware about vaccines’ serious adverse effects and their causes. They know the dangers of aluminum adjuvant toxicity or human aborted fetal cell lines, especially when small children receive multiple vaccines during a single doctor’s visit. Since over $4 billion of injury compensation has been paid out to victims and families due to vaccine-caused injuries, the establishment has been forced to acknowledge that vaccines can cause life-threatening neurological damage. Nevertheless the severity of the vaccine threats is muddled with medical word salad, a confused mixture of platitudes and deceptive misinformation that mask the real underlying problems.

Consequently our medical system, and especially our vaccination regime behind states’ mandatory vaccination laws, is a doctrinal ideology.  Quoting a text on the sociology of ideology by Slovenian scholars Erjavec and Poler Kovacic, Cernic notes that “the task of ideology is to protect certain practices as universal and self-evident, so its role in complementing economic and political power is priceless and irreplaceable.” 

Cernic adds,

“One of the most successful strategies of maintaining dominance is presenting ideology as common sense, thus concealing the ideology of individual claims… Medicine has become the guardian of truth, the forum where absolute and often final judgments are given by experts. These experts are regarded as morally neutral and objective, delivering their judgment in the name of health. Thus the power of medicine is a social construct based on the dominant ideology of scientificity and expert knowledge.” 

When ideologies become solidified and institutionalized with the full cooperation between government and industry, falsehoods inevitably take precedence over truth-telling.  For example, the arguments against concerns over aluminum adjuvants are lies without firm scientific confirmation. We are told adjuvants are safe and harmless (the science is irrefutable that aluminum salt compounds used as vaccine adjuvants are neurotoxic, genotoxic, immunotoxic and pro-inflammatory); that the amount of aluminum in vaccines is equivalent to that in the food we eat (only 0.25 percent of dietary aluminum is actually absorbed into circulation whereas vaccine aluminum adjuvant has nearly a 100 percent absorption); and that infants get more aluminum from breast milk than from vaccines (the total amount of absorbed aluminum from breastfeeding when an infant reaches six months is 55 mcg yet the total amount of aluminum from vaccines during that same period is 2,750 mcg).

It has often been the historical case that when dictatorships and repressive governments enforce policies that violate individual freedoms, the popular backlash, which may include its own independent intelligentsia, reveals the persecutors’ hidden agendas and darker motives contrary to the preservation and protection of the public good. It is therefore not surprising that following California’s passage of its draconian vaccination legislation to remove religious exemptions, mandate the CDC’s vaccination schedule, and make efforts to replace the expertise of physicians with state bureaucrats as the final arbiters for medical exemptions, there has been a notable rise in oppositional voices and publications pulling back the curtain on the stench of corruption that pervades the entire vaccine complex.

What is being uncovered is revelatory with the potential to utterly collapse the pro-vaccine doctrine. In fact, the CDC has made a concerted effort to whitewash and cover-up its tracks.

For example, legislators such as NJ State Sen. Steve Sweeney have publicly stated there are no aborted fetal cells used in vaccine production. Sweeney said,

“The reason why there are religious exemptions was because back in the 50s and 60s they used fetal tissue to make the vaccines. That was the reason why.  They don’t do that anymore. They don’t.”

Speaking before the California state subcommittee, the lead sponsor for the mandatory vaccination that removed religious exemption Sen. Richard Pan said, “Vaccines are not made from aborted fetal cells. That is a myth.”

But these statements are egregious lies. Pro-vaccine poster child Dr. Paul Offit has publicly addressed the question about aborted fetal cell lines by replying, “yes, there are a few vaccines made this way.” And during a 9-hour sworn-in deposition during the vaccination-related child custody battle Matheson vs Schmitt, Plotkin was forced to recant his earlier answer that only two aborted fetuses were used in a vaccine development study he conducted. After being presented with the actual paper he authored by the interrogating attorney, 76 aborted fetuses were used to harvest tissue for fetal stem cell cultures to grow the virus. That was just for that one study.

On an earlier FDA page of the CDC’s Vaccine Excipient and Media Summary document listing individual vaccine ingredients that was captured by vaccine opponents, the agency includes various forms of aborted fetal and human tissue, including human DNA, in the DTaP, Hepatitis A, MMR, Rabies, Varicella and Zoster (Shingles) vaccines. These cell cultures along with WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts are necessary for replicating viruses in the medium for manufacturing these vaccines. However last year, as controversy arose over the use of MRC-5 fetal cells, the document was replaced to list only the excipients thereby removing all reference to MRC-5 and WI-38 cells. Such cells, as well as other foreign DNA found in vaccines, have been implicated in likely contributing to the increase in autism spectrum disorder cases. In an article published in the journal Issues of Law Medicine, the authors note that

“… healthy human cells can take up foreign DNA spontaneously. Foreign human DNA will be transported into nuclei and be integrated into host genome, which will cause phenotype change. Hence, residual human fetal DNA fragments in vaccines can be one of the causes of autism spectrum disorder in children through vaccination.”

One of authors happens to be Dr. Theresa Deisher, a world renowned adult stem cell scientist who discovered adult heart stem cells. During an earlier testimony before the Minnesota House HHS Committee, Dr. Deisher quotes an FDA scientific paper published in the journal Biologicals. The FDA states that “the dangers of residual DNA in vaccines has been debated for over 50 years without appropriate studies.” “The IACC’s strategic plan,” Deisher continues, “summarizes de novo genomic disruptions at varied sites of at least 10 percent of children diagnosed with ASD.” During her career in private industry and biotechnology, she testified she was “aware that the human fetal DNA introduced in vaccines has the potential to elicit autoimmune responses or to incorporate into the recipient’s own genes and disrupt normal protein production.” Her investigations into autism disorder rates in many countries has convinced Deisher that the condition is clearly associated with vaccines using human fetal cell lines. In addition, her organization Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute has meticulously identified three primary change points with statistically observable upticks in autism” in 1981, 1988 and 1996. These points correspond directly to the introduction of three vaccines initiatives containing human fetal cells lines: the MMRII, MMRII Compliance Campaign and the Chickenpox vaccine respectively.

Despite her credentials, Deisher’s questioning vaccine safety has turned her into an establishment pariah. Among email exchanges between Drs. Stanley Plotkin and his protégé Paul Offit, the fanatical pro-vaccine advocate attorney Dorit Reiss and others that were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act filing, Plotkin wrote, “Deisher is a well-known anti-vaccine person and the journal is one of the open access journals that publishes without review.” In other words, the warnings of a woman scientist with far greater credentials in genetics than Plotkin himself, are irrelevant. All that matters is that Dr. Deisher poses a serious intellectual threat to the pharmaceutical vaccine agenda and the journal she published in is worth discrediting. Plotkin, who is worth millions of dollars from his vaccine research, has sat on Boards of many vaccine manufacturers during his career.

Finally, a leaked video from a closed-door World Health Organization conference on vaccine safety with some of the world’s leading experts in vaccines has documented that vaccines being pushed by the WHO and UNICEF upon the world’s population are indeed unsafe. Four days before the conference, a WHO public advertisement featuring its Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan proclaimed, “Vaccines are very safe. If someone gets sick after vaccination, it is usually either a coincidence, an error in administering the vaccine, or very rarely a problem with the vaccine itself. That is why we have robust vaccine safety systems… Vaccines are one of the safest tools we have to prevent disease and ensure a healthy future for all children.”

But the hypocrisy and lies behind her statements becam,e convincingly apparent from her statements at the WHO Geneva meeting four days later. 

“… we cannot over emphasize the fact that we really do not have very good safety monitoring systems in many countries. And this leads to the miscommunication and misapprehension because we are unable to give clear cut answers when people ask us about the deaths that occurred due to particular vaccines… Unexpected things could arise [i.e., vaccine-related injuries] and one has to be prepared as we have seen in the history of many drugs. You learn about adverse effects only after the drug has been licensed and introduced into the population. Risk is always there.”

At the same gathering the WHO’s Coordinator for Vaccine Research, Dr. Martin Howell Friede stated,

“… every time we add an adjuvant to a vaccine, the people using the vaccine look at it. And if there is an adverse event, we know what they are going to say. It’s the adjuvant that caused that adverse event…. When we add an adjuvant to a vaccine it is because it is essential. We dont add adjuvants because we just want to…. The first lesson when you are making a vaccine is if you can avoid using an adjuvant, please do so. Lesson two is, if you are going to use an adjuvant use one that has a history of safety. And lesson three is, if you are not going to do that then think very carefully.”

Then Dr. Stephen Evans, Professor of Pharmacoepidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, added

“It seems to me that adjuvants multiply the immunogenicity of the antigens.. and therefore it seems to me that it is not unexpected if they multiply the incidence of adverse reactions that are associated with the antigen but may not have been detected through the lack of statistical power in the original studies.”

One strategy employed by the medical establishment is to keep practicing pediatricians and physicians in the dark about vaccination risks. Medical students barely receive any professional education about vaccine safety and efficacy, nor are they taught much about the body’s immune system. More often than not, graduating physicians are given only a resource guide traced back to the CDC’s propaganda along with instructions to follow the approved vaccination schedule. Based upon the volumes of scientific literature identifying and qualifying vaccine risks, this is in direct violation of the Department of Health’s Reference Guide to Consent for Examination or Treatment. Page 13 of the guide states:

It is therefore advisable to inform the person of any ‘material’ or ‘significant’ risks or unavoidable risks, even if small, in the proposed treatment; any alternatives to it; and the risks incurred by doing nothing. A Court of Appeal judgment stated that it will normally be the responsibility of the doctor to inform a patient of ‘a significant risk which would affect the judgment of a reasonable patient. Following [the case of] Chester v Afshar, it is advisable that healthcare professionals give information about all significant possible adverse outcomes and make a record of information given.”

Unfortunately, the institutional brainwashing of medical doctors regarding compliance and obedience to the CDC’s vaccination program, in part, might excuse physicians’ ignorance. Vaccinology is a field of medical science that doctors are direly illiterate about.

The outspoken vaccine critic Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, who earned four doctorate degrees from MIT, has pointed out that there is no safety-risk model in place for federal agencies to accurately evaluate new vaccines entering the market. The entire immunological premise for vaccine effectiveness is founded upon incomplete assumptions that were decided over a hundred years ago.  Vaccines only stimulate the adaptive immune system, also known as the acquired immune system, that relies solely upon specialized systemic cells such as antibodies. Therefore, the body’s equally important innate immune system and the gut’s microbiome are altogether bypassed.   The entire edifice upon which vaccine immunology is based has become a grossly outdated model in light of more recent biological understandings of the other immune systems. As a consequence, the pharmaceutical companies’ vaccine portfolio is inherently high risk and high liability for injuries. To keep the pipeline for new vaccines flowing and extremely profitable, the industry had no other option than to lobby the government to gain legal immunity from vaccine-related injuries and deaths. 

However, the average practicing physician and pediatrician would likely not know anything about what Ayyadurai is speaking about.

Notwithstanding the epidemic of failures in the federal health system, more deplorable is that the vaccine makers are completely exempt from liability. Due to the legal non-binding gift the Reagan administration granted to Big Pharma by passing of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) in 1986, companies cannot be held directly liable for any adverse vaccine events regardless of how flawed and dangerous the vaccine is shown to be. Moreover, the subsequent Vaccine Injury Compensation Program started two years later — co-written with the pharmaceutical industry — removes Big Pharma from all financial responsibilities for vaccine injury awards paid out. Instead, it is the taxpayer who fronts the compensation.

Repealing or making fundamental changes in legislative laws, despite how unconstitutional or oppressive they may be, is nearly impossible.  Once laws are passed that favor the power elite, money and resources pour in to institutionalize those same laws in the fabric of society and even law enforcement. Therefore successful popular protest for constructive change in oligarchic policies requires a minimum of 4 percent of the population to be actively engaged in direct defiance. Unless the 1986 Vaccine Injury Act is victoriously overturned, poorly tested and unsafe vaccines will continue to be threaded into the CDC’s mandatory vaccination schedule. Drug companies will continue to remain free of prosecution. And neurological injuries, severe autoimmune conditions and deaths will continue to mount.  Before Reagan’s Act, for example, the live cellular pertussis vaccine was finally discontinued due to escalating injury lawsuits. The vaccine was no longer profitable. After removal, the safer but less effective acellular vaccine was launched. Yet if this had occurred under the NVICA, the live vaccine may still be administered today. Since the passage of the Act, one of the most unsafe vaccines, Gardasil to protect against the human papilliomavirus, has been launched and is being deceptively forced upon all teens based upon volumes of junk science.

Plotkin, Offit, the federal health system, radical skeptic David Gorski, Senators Pan, Dinowitz and Sweeney, Google, Facebook and Wikipedia, and the mainstream media indebted to conveying pro-vaccination lies are in fact the real creators of the burgeoning anti-vaccination movement that now threatens our pharmaceutical regime and its profits. More and more vaccines translates into more and more vaccine-caused injuries and deaths. And there are now tens of millions of people worldwide either disabled themselves or parents of vaccine-injured children who are educating themselves about the real science and specific vaccine ingredients that have been associated with autoimmune diseases, cancer and neurological disorders.

A deep analysis of the CDC’s vaccination regime reveals that it is remarkably similar to the medieval Catholic Church before the Reformation. Both are highly hierarchical and bureaucratic, with inner sanctums for the experts and credentialed elite to meet secretly with pharmaceutical executives and the heads of the international health organizations to plot their course for damage control because of the growing public outrage of people who have suffered from vaccine injuries and deaths. CDC rulings also carry a similar weight of papal encyclicals demanding the obedience of the medical community and state health departments. Its science, regardless of its serious shortcomings, is a monopoly. And similar to the Church, the populace has no right nor expertise itself to challenge vaccine safety and efficacy. Those who are not party to the dominant medical complex don’t even have the rights to think for themselves or act on either philosophical or religious convictions. Therefore vaccine opponents should be regarded as heretical outcasts that endanger the CDC’s authority. Rather than address the most urgent questions being asked of it, the vaccine regime instead resorts to discriminatory actions, such as censoring the internet through Google, Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia, to silence questioners. Yet this is also a sign of a regime in chaos, empty of answers, and desperate to maintain its authority through any means possible, regardless of how many vaccine injuries and deaths it leaves in its wake.

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